About Me

My name is Simon Laslo. I am a business student, traveler, and automotive photographer. I am born and raised in Berlin the wonderful capital of Germany.

My passion car photography begins around the age of 16 and what starts as a small pastime soon becomes a strong passion for me. Since then I am working on my photographic skills. Besides my activities as a photographer, I gained work experience in the German film production and experience as a photo- and video-editor.

I like the combination of natural beauty and daring designs. I’m a lover of perfected details and big adventures. I concentrate my work on big SUV’s because of their adventurous character. Another big part of my work concentrates on headlight and interior design. Perfection is something that always concerns me. Although I hardly believe it is possible to create something perfect, my highest goal is to prove myself wrong!

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Write me a mail: simon.laslo@t-online.de

My Work

Mercedes-AMG GLE 450

20. December 2016

Icy Adventures With The E-Cabriolet

5. December 2016

GLC 43 – Berlin Explorations

2. November 2016

Autumn With @herbikestories

10. October 2016

#Chasingstars – The GLC Coupé Roadtrip

24. September 2016

Suzuki Gladius with @herbikestories

11. September 2016

Mercedes-Benz Sylt Summer Experience

16. August 2016

BBQs can be so pleasing for the eyes!

15. August 2016

My Guide #Berlintour Video

13. August 2016

The Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D

10. August 2016

C 63 s Cabriolet

5. June 2016

#Trendcar – C 63 s Coupé

24. May 2016

Experiencing the metropolis in the C-Coupé

13. May 2016

Collaboration with Thefineline for fashion designer Dawid Tomazewski

8. May 2016

Mercedes-Benz #mbfanklasse Roadshow

23. April 2016

Exploring Berlin in the Mercedes-Benz GLC

20. December 2015

Some Of My Photos