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Der Chris

Hi welcome to my profile here at Sternblogger. My name is Christian Kremer. Now you will get to know me a little bit.

I am from Stuttgart, Germany – the big automotive city, the home of Daimler AG/Mercedes-Benz. I am 26 years old. Currently, I am studying Technology Management at the University of Stuttgart. At the same time, I’m working as a Golf professional-Assistant. My hobbies are skiing, playing Tennis, of course playing Golf, taking photos, walking through nature, listening to music (especially electronic music, but I’m also interested in nearly every other kind of music). I’m a very open minded person in general. Furthermore, I am interested in fashion and art, photography, nature and different landscapes. Moreover, very important: I love taking photos. Mainly I’m interested in Automotive Photography, besides nature and travel- lifestyle Photography.

My passion for cars started quite early in my childhood. Cars have always been fascinating for me. As a child, I wanted to become an automotive designer. I used to design/draw lots of new cars. So I was thinking about studying transportation design. But I didn’t do it. I think I have been a bit self-critical, not convinced enough of myself. So I started with Mechanical engineering. After some semesters, i moved to Technology Management.


Anyway! Now to the work as an Automotive and Travel/Lifestyle Photographer/Blogger:

My specialities are the Exterior, as well as the Interior Design and the engines – the heart of every automobile. Besides Automotive Photography, my specialities as a Travel/Sport-Lifestyle Blogger are special landscapes, mountains, sunsets, luxury lifestyle, architecture, minimalistic clean looks. Have a look at my Instagram channel below.

Although I’m not working for Daimler/Mercedes-Benz I have a great knowledge in the latest (and older) Generations of Mercedes-Benz Cars, especially in the new generation of compact cars, the big sedans and estates. My favourite models from Mercedes-Benz are The S-Class/-Coupé/-Cabriolet, CLS Coupé/Shooting Brake, C-Class Coupé/E-Class Coupé and the CLA Coupé/Shooting Brake. So I’m a little expert for these cars. But of course, I’m also interested in every other car from Daimler/Mercedes-Benz.

My pictures show you the special design elements/features of the cars mostly combined with lovely places in nature, as well as in the street/city.


‘The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams’. That’s what I try to do!


Would be nice to work on some new projects! I am always ready for something new!

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