Not your average family gathering.

To AMG owners, the AMG Private Lounge is a second home and a place for gatherings of the World’s Fastest Family. And that is exactly what it feels like, when in October, AMG enthusiasts like Raziz Rehan, Tristan de Saint Ouen, and David Turnbull, known from Instagram as @rokenr@amg_tdso, and @jsy_amg, come together in front of the Mercedes-AMG headquarters for their annual meeting. Here, the three will meet fellow AMG fans and petrol heads with whom they are in constant contact on Instagram. Their two-day drive takes them from London to Folkstone, where the AMGs go to France by train. Near Reims, they set to explore the former Formula 1 racetrack “Circuit de Reims-Gueux”, before leaving for Affalterbach.


The fleet.

For this special occasion, the three pick some of the coolest cars, from the Mercedes-AMG portfolio. To be able to bring home a lot of goodies from the shop at the Sindelfingen Kundencenter without having to compromise on comfort when bringing the family, Raziz chooses the all-new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ Estate. This way, he can borrow his brand-new AMG GT C Coupé Edition 50 to his friend Tristan, while the latter is patiently waiting to take delivery of his own GT C Coupé. To add some colour accents to the car, red stripes have been placed on the side mirrors and bellow the AMG badge on the rear, that incorporate the 50 years of AMG design. The red seat belts, installed in the car’s interior continue this idea. Furthermore, David is driving his very own Edition 50 Coupé to Affalterbach. Naturally, this ensemble will be turning many heads.

Safety first.

To make sure the visitors from the U.K. arrive safely, Mercedes-Benz sent a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé that functions as a safety car and lead way while the trio adjusts to right-road traffic. Again, red stripes decorate the exterior of the vehicles. Placed on the top and the lower (flanks) sides of the car, they form a clear contrast to the exterior colour in designo diamond white bright paint. Additionally, bonnet and trunk lid carry is decorated with the official social media hashtags, that is: #mbsocialcar #50yearsAMG and of course #AMGroadtrip2017.

Inside the AMG GT plant.

The tour through the AMG GT production line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen is a unique experience, exclusive to GT owners. After placing an order, customers can take part in a guided tour. Here, they can see the one production line where the complete GT-Family is being built. For AMG collector Raziz Rehan it is not just the place of birth of his GT R and GT C Coupé, but also that of his soon to be delivered GT C Roadster.


Another highlight of the stay in Stuttgart is always the Emotion Tour. During a tour through the AMG Performance Studio and the engine factory, customers get an insight into the craftsmanship at Mercedes-AMG. Following, they can put the latest dream cars from AMG to test during a thrilling drive with the AMG Driving Academy. The line-up includes Roadsters and Coupés from the GT Family, the latest E-Class variants from Mercedes-AMG, the new compact AMGs in the Yellow Night Edition and many more. An additional drive with not one, but two AMG GT R is a worthy final for the exciting adventure.

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