Every year in August, the Monterey Quail Lodge becomes a hotspot for car manufacturers from all over the world. During the Monterey Car Week, they show off their latest products as well as many concept cars and future plans. For its 50th birthday, Mercedes-AMG brought the AMG GT4 racecar, the new AMG GT C Coupé, and a very special guest to top things off: the legendary AMG engine builder Michael Kübler. At the Mercedes-AMG booth, he would build the M 177 V8 biturbo engine in front of a live audience. In celebration of 50 years of Driving Performance, Mercedes-Benz USA set up an open-air workshop where the aggregate would be assembled piece by piece.  After being introduced and welcomed by Tobias Mörs and Horacio Pagani at the booth, Mike had the chance to impress some of the loyal AMG and Pagani customers he met on Instagram with his craftsmanship, but also talk to many new people who share his passion for Mercedes-AMG and Pagani. The day ended with a #50yearsAMG party in Pebble Beach in the evening. On the following day, AMG invited customers and fans of the brand to Pebble Beach where the GT4 and the GT C Coupé Edition 50 were on display. Additionally, the drive train of the Project ONE was unveiled for the first time in the U. S.

“It was a great honor and pleasure for me to make a live build of a Mercedes-AMG engine at the Quail Event in Monterey in honor of the AMG 50years anniversary. It was an insane experience for me to do this in front of so many AMG, Pagani, and Car lovers. It feels like a dream came true. Thank you to my family, friends, followers and all the AMG, Pagani and Mercedes-Benz lovers out there for the never-ending support! I really appreciate it. A big thank you to all who came out to see me doing my thing and to MBUSA, Mercedes-AMG, and Mercedes-Benz for having me there.” – Michael Kübler

Photos by Tom Koenig and Jensen Larson