The GT family continues to grow.

Ever since the start of the production in 2016, there are constantly new highlights from the second AMG Performance Car from Affalterbach. After the presentation of the AMG GTR at the Festival of Speed in Goodwood, we did not have the chance to test the Beast of the Green Hell. However, at the Bilster Berg racetrack, Mercedes-AMG prepared the perfect showdown. But before we would get to the R version of the GT, we get to enjoy the AMG GT C Edition 50 Roadster on our way to the circuit.

This stunning roadster/Coupe is limited to 500 cars worldwide and only available in 2 colors: cashmere white and graphite gray). It is one of AMG’s homemade birthday gifts for their 50th anniversary! The special equipment includes: silver / black leather, a branded steering wheel and the „Edition50“ plate at the back.

The M 178 engine from Affalterbach with 557 hp and 680 nm operates under the hood of this performance vehicle.

But now it’s time for the Beast of the Green Hell! Our instructor were none other than AMG Driving Academy boss Reinhold Renger and four-time DTM champion Bernd Schneider.

Our first stint awaits with a warm-up round, 3 high-speed round, and a cooling round. Puh … wet hands, high pulse and let’s go! The first meters of the warm-up lap, I have to gain a sense of the car. Reinhold gives us guidance on how to make the route perfect. At the end of our warm-up round, we start pushing the GT R. It is unbelievable how well the brakes work on this difficult track. One of the hardest points is the “mousetrap” 28% gradient and the same train 21% pitch … not only hard for the car but also for the driver’s stomach. After the 5 laps, we take a break to cool down. It is unlikely for an average driver to push the GT R’s boundaries because the car can handle quite something. But it was such a great experience. I’m in love! The performance of this car is simply awesome.


After driving off the racetrack, we go on an evening tour with the GT Roadster. First of all, I must say that I love the sound of the V8 engine above all love and then paired with this open performance vehicle from Affalterbach – the perfect combination. The driving experience is unbelievable, which is perfect to cruise around in the open air  GT and feel the slight wind in the hair.

Photos and text :  Marcel Berens

Photo Page Header: Mercedes-Benz

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Hope you enjoyed it!