Hi, my name is Ricci Speckels. I am a 38-year-old photographer, living in the so-called green ‘Speckgürtel’ nearby Berlin.

I had the opportunity of a very exciting adventure: a photo story about the second part of the #Gventure300K.

Pick up of the ‘G’ and starting point of the road trip was in Berlin. From there via Denmark and Sweden to Hamburg where my friend and I had to leave her behind us. I need to say ‘we had to’ because it was the beginning of a love story that should never end 😉

Having familiarized with ‘her’ at Mercedes -Benz Berlin, the tour started. First destination: the ferry from Rostock to Gedser, Denmark. On our way there we got to know each other better and we were sure that ‘she’ was certainly a good company for a trip like that. The constantly 422 PS engine power and ‘her’ interior’s elegance made this trip very comfortable. Time flew by and we arrived already at the ferry port in Rostock. We entered the ferry and well, how can I say, a special guest needed a special parking space. On the ferry my friend and I philosophized about the limits of this car and we were wondering: Might we be able to bring it to its limits?

Bye bye Germany, say hello to Denmark. We left the ferry, streight direction to Kopenhagen via the Öresund bridge to Sweden. Our day trip ended in Kengsted-Borup where we all needed a break and some sleep.

Next morning we walked to the parking area and there ‘she’ was! Her clear edged silhouette! Just waiting for us like she would have said ‘come on guys, finally you are here to take a ride with me’. We started without breakfast but with a short pit stop to make her sexy for the new day. Some fuel, cleaning the windscreens and then starting towards Malmö. Our planned stops for that day were Hörby and Vik, two small places in the south of Sweden where we wanted to fix impressions of the Swedish coast. We stopped at several small ports where we finally had breakfast. It was awesome: the breeze of the sea, a coffee to go and our buds on top of ‚G‘. It was the first but not the last time that we enjoyed to sit on the roof of the G with a fabulous view from above.

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Photos and Text by Ricci Speckels

Special thanks to PW Event & Design