Mühlwald / Italy 6:00 am. On the evening before our host told us that he had some tips on beautiful places to take pictures. So let’s go! We went on the way to visit them and capture the morning sunrays.

The first stop we had in Mühlwald, there is a small lake at the entrance of this small town where we stopped.

Afterwards we headed towards Neves, where it was supposed to be a nice place to take pictures at a lake, the Lago di Neves.

The calmness of the lake, the panorama and the weather, everything was stunning.

At 9am, I drove back to pick up the guys.

We filled the G (for the second time) and Lukas took the helm.

Our goal today was the wonderful Verona in Italy.

The way to the hotel took us past Bolzano and we enjoyed the view of the mountains that ran along the left and right of the motorway.

When we arrived in Verona, we were the first to get our AirBnb to park the car and explore the city on foot.

After a very good dinner, we went back to the accommodation and we decided to have an evening round by car.

Photos and text :  Marcel Berens

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Hope you enjoyed it!