Monday, 08:00 AM Affalterbach / Germany.

Time to pick up our vehicle for the next 5 days and therefore more or less 2200km. Why at all in Affalterbach and why #roadtoPagani? As the name already reveals, the main goal to this trip is to pay a visit to the Pagani Factory, located in San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy. Showing the proximity of Pagani to Mercedes-AMG was the intention to this trip. Our companion for this project comes from Affalterbach but is no ordinary V8 AMG. No, we got ourselves a V12 sporting AMG aside. One that underlines the close relation to Pagani Automobili in terms of engines. And so we start off our adventure in a Mercedes-AMG G 65 with a monstrous V12-BiTurbo engine.

Many of you are aware that there are only 5 AMG-models that feature this V12. These are the S 65 Sedan / Coupé / Cabriolet, the SL 65 Roadster the aforementioned G 65. After meeting Chris, who had the opportunity to test the AMG S 63 4MATIC+ to test for a few days, we load our luggage safely in the G and head of towards Munich. The powerful 12-cylinder BiTurbo rolls on the road with ease. For the first 50 km we are driving on backcountry roads and through some rural parts of Stuttgart. On the highway we are finally able to test the potential of this monster engine for the first time – shocking! It is just overwhelming to see the G march forward. The power of this engine is simply indescribable. After just 270 km we reach the Bavarian capital Munich and we really drove at a fast pace. The G-Wagon in the beguiling mauritius blue metallic paint finish was everything, but inconspicuous.

After a two-hour rest in Munich, we continue towards our destination for the day: Mühlwald in South-Tirol. On AIRBNB we found a lovely villa, called Land Palais, that offered us an amazing view and the opportunity to enjoy this great atmosphere. We definitely recommend that you check that out if ever come to this area!



Photos and text :  Marcel Berens

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Hope you enjoyed it!