Los Angeles.  The metropolis at the American West Coast One is of those huge cities with countless sights to see, beaches to wander on and food places to eat at. Probably more than you can explore in one lifetime. But when you only have 24 hours to see the place your schedule will be very tight. When you consider L.A.’s sheer size you will understand that an adventure like this calls for a fast set of wheels. The 577 hp (U.S. model) strong Mercedes-AMG SL 63 is the obvious choice for this job. Thanks to the notorious 5.5-liter V8 BiTurbo from Affalterbach, rushing from A to B is only a matter of gas money.

In the latest motion picture by Fünfkommasechs, the two lads Johannes Schlörb and Hawaii shirt wearing tourist guide Bjoern ‘Habby’ Habegger explore the City of Angels in a hyacinth red metallic SL Roadster, while constantly rushing from one stop to another. The tour includes iconic spots like The Pantry Cafe in Downtown L.A., famous sights like Dodgers Stadium and unique attractions like the California science center. During the brief excursion, the red cruiser gets to perform some miraculous burnouts as the two car bloggers dash through heavy traffic. Unlike in any of the previous 5.6 videos, this Swabian sledge is only a means to the journey that is this sightseeing tour.

Don’t forget to check out this written narrative from the L.A. adventure while you’re at it!

Photos by Bjoern Habegger


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