The New E Coupé – C 238

Barcelona. Until Mercedes-Benz released the all-new Coupe of the E-Family, we saw a lot of photos, but what about driving experience? Lately, we had the honor to put the vehicle to test on the beautiful roads around Spain’s capital Barcelona. Hopefully, the following will give you an impression of this coupé’s sportiness!

First, we started off with an E 300 Coupe equipped with the AMG Line on both the interior and exterior & sport suspension, the high-resolution Dual-Display and the panoramic roof. Our starting point was the airport of Barcelona from where we drove to our first destination, a villa close to Girona.

But let’s start with the new interior:

With the new air vent that remind of an airplane’s turbine and which originated from the Concept IAA (as correctly observed by our colleagues from fuenfkommasechs) are one of the key design elements with which the design team around Gordon Wagner managed to amaze us once again. Naturally, there are the same features inside as in the other E-models. I love the two big screens with the possibility to change the design ( SPORT / CLASSIC / PROGRESSIVE ). The seat fits perfectly and the belt feeders are an absolute must-have!

The exterior:

The dimensions of the new E-Coupe are slightly increased compared to the old on. Partially because unlike its predecessor the new E-Class Coupé (and later the new Cabriolet) is based on the E-Class platform. 123mm are added in length and 74mm in width which is a big plus for space inside. My personal highlight are the power domes on the hood! They give the car a wider and hence sportier appearance.

Now let’s talk about driving performance!

WOW! I’m absolutely surprised how well the car conceals its height & weight and sheer length on the road. When set in Sport+ mode it behaves much like a race car. So easy to perfectly hit the road fast and very precise. The feedback from the steering wheel and suspension is awesome. On the other side is it an absolute delight to cruise in comfort mode while listening to some vibes from the Burmester High-End Surround System and enjoying the sun as it shines through the open panoramic roof.

Our second car is the most potent E-Coupé, the E 400 4matic with 333hp and 480 nm torque. Following a short passage on some smaller roads, we soon drive onto the highway towards our final destination: the port of Barcelona. Once again an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable ride with the optional Air Boy Control and Drive Pilot. The latter works like a charm in the Spanish traffic and assists in every situation. Last but not least I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for having me. It was a pleasure!

Photos :  Marcel Berens |  @marcel_berens

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Thanks to my buddy on this trip  Markus Jordan /  MB PassionBlog