Anniversary Car from Sindelfingen plant – The Mercedes-Benz S 500e

The 20 millionth production car was visiting the Mercedes Trophy World Final in Stuttgart 2016

Stuttgart. On a cloudy afternoon, I picked up the Gentleman’s Ride – The #mbsocialcar Mercedes-Benz S-Class, series V222, as a 500e.

A special S-Class in two ways:

First: It’s a Plugin Hybrid – two hearts – electric and petrol engine.

Second: It’s an anniversary car – the 20 millionth production car from Sindelfingen Plant.

Taking a place in the gorgeous armchair. Pushing the engine start/stop button the first time…SILENCE … putting the car in Drive and it smoothly starts to roll. Time to hit the road. Lucky me!

Hi futuristic Mercedes-Benz S 500e!

For me, this is a Gentleman’s Ride. It’s mighty but understated. It’s painted in classy black. It’s powerful but also efficient with lots of safety features. It’s not too pretentious but powerful and luxurious enough. And it’s possible to drive completely quiet with the electric engine. But before the two of us visit the Mercedes-Benz Golf Amateur series called ‘Mercedes Trophy World Final’, it’s time to learn more about the interesting car, its special features and its various driving modes. So I tried to experience the car on different roads day & night. This included both some time on the Autobahn and curvy country roads as well as some kilometers in an urban environment.

Let’s go and explore this furutristic ride together!

” Silence, efficiency, power, and luxuy in one – A Gentleman’s Ride. “

Some facts:

Model:  Mercedes-Benz S 500 e (V222)

Exterior:  AMG Line / Obsidian black Metallic

Interior:  Nappa leather porcelain/black

Engine:  Petrol: 3.0-Liter V6 Cylinder BiTurbo producing 333 hp and 480 Nm

Electric: 116 hp and 170 Nm

Transmission:  7G-TRONIC

Acceleration 0-100 Km/h:  5.2 sec

Top Speed:  250 Km/h

Empty Weight:  2.215 Kg

Vehicle Price:  starting at 110.000 €

Driving experience

The Gentleman’s Ride looks mighty, classy, and elegant in black with AMG Sports Package and interior in porcelain/black Nappa leather – a combination I love! It is equipped with lots of comfortable luxurious features! You take place on excellent soft and comfortable armchairs with different massage options and seat cooling for relaxed driving in every situation.

Four driving modes

1. [HYBRID] Mode: Both electric & petrol engine are working together for the best efficient & powerful result. If you are driving through the city with slow accelerations only the electric engine will work. If you need a lot of power the electric engine supports the petrol engine for additional boost.

2. [E-MODE]: The dashboard design changes from the engine speed into a percentage power visual display. Only the electric engine is working up to a maximum speed of 140 Km/h. The battery is for round about 30 kilometers electric only driving.

3. [E-SAVE] Mode: Mainly the petrol engine is working and this mode enables to save the electric energy.

4. [CHARGE] Mode: Only the petrol engine is running and charging the electric engine.


There are three possibilities to charge the electric engine:

1. Driving in Mode [CHARGE]. It’s working quite well and the duration of charging is not so long.

2. Charging the Car on a normal electric socket (230V/8A). It’s very practical but this process takes a long time. At least more than 4 hours!

3. Charging the car on a special Wallbox (400V/16A). The duration of the charging process is round about 2 hours!


Fuel consumption

After 1000 Km of driving on the german ‘Autobahn’ (sometimes, if there wasn’t any speed limit, also very fast), on country roads and in the city I had a total fuel consumption average of 10.3 Liters/100 Km. I think for such a big, heavy and powerful luxury sedan it’s quite ok.

Gentleman’s Ride visiting the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2016

The MercedesTrophy is one of the world’s most prestigious amateur golf tournaments. Many tens of thousands of Mercedes-Benz customers from around the world compete in the tournament in the hope of reaching the World Finals in Stuttgart, Germany at the Golfclub Schloss Nippenburg and Golfclub Schloss Solitude.

The journey begins with an invitation from your Mercedes-Benz Retailer to take part in an initial qualifier at a local course.

Three National Final winners fly to Stuttgart, the home of Mercedes-Benz, representing their country to compete against approximately 30 Nations from across the globe for a chance to lift the ultimate prize, The Nations Trophy.

Together with your partner, you will be invited to fly Business Class to Stuttgart, where a fantastic program awaits you, combining the very best of Mercedes-Benz hospitality and the chance to compete in a truly International tournament against fellow Mercedes-Benz drivers representing more than 50 countries from six continents.

Due to timing, the winners from 2016 will attend the World Final in October 2017.

” The Mercedes Trophy is a golfing experience like no other. “

It was a very cold, cloudy and foggy October morning in autumn. The Gentleman’s Ride had no problem with these conditions, arriving silent and majestic at the Golfclub Schloss Nippenburg near Stuttgart.

Due to the foggy conditions, the event organizer decided to shift the start of the tournament. That was the correct decision because you were not able to play safely. Later before lunch, the tournament organizer started the game.

Later in the afternoon the best german Golfer Martin Kaymer joined the event. He was traveling from the U.S to Germany directly after the famous Ryder Cup tournament. The problem was, that there was a lot of traffic on the german streets. So I wasn’t able to do the planned shooting with Martin Kaymer and my Gentleman’s Ride. Too bad!

But we did a little telephone conference as long as he was stuck in the traffic. So I was able to ask him:

Me: ” What’s your favorite Mercedes-Benz car at the moment?”

Martin Kaymer: ” The Mercedes-AMG GT is my favorite car. It’s so much fun to drive it on the racetrack!”

Famous professional german Golfer Martin Kaymer and his special car – a Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 463

Martin Kaymer played hole number 10 as a show event. Every player was allowed to ask questions during the game, Martin Kaymer explained some important things about his game and he gave some tips.

Winner 2016

Congratulations to the Winner team of 2016 Mercedes Trophy World Final! The team of France! Well done!


I’m a big S-Class fan in general. So, of course, I loved this one! It’s such a fantastic car with so much interesting technical stuff inside! It’s an authentic Gentleman’s Ride – The perfect car for Gentleman Chris 😀 I love the classy black exterior paint in combination with the porcelain/black interior! The engine combination is working very well! I really enjoyed driving with the strong V6 BiTurbo engine but as well driving quietly and smoothly with the electric engine through the cities! Very impressive ride! I would go for the Plugin-Hybrid! I wouldn’t buy the S 500 with the V8 engine. Although it’s a great car with the V8 Power as well! But the Plugin Hybrid is more efficient and still powerful like the V8!

And the Mercedes Trophy is fantastic for amateur golfers – the players love it! I wish Mercedes-Benz would do a big professional Golf tournament like the BMW International Open one day!

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Photos and article by Christian Kremer  | @mr.chris_kremer

& Mercedes-Benz

Special thanks to Mercedes-Benz | @mercedesbenz #mbsocialcar for making it possible on such short notice.