Through the Swiss landscape with the SLC Roadster

– A photostory by Christian Kremer for Mercedes-Benz #mbsocialcar –

I took a beautiful little SLC 180 Roadster for a road trip through Switzerland to lake ‘Walensee’. I love the wonderful exterior color called brilliant blue. That’s one of my favorite colors! The weather was perfect for such a Roadster. So I only drove topless.

Put on your sunglasses, start your engine & enjoy the summer!

About the vehicle:

Model:  Mercedes-Benz SLC 180 Roadster (Series R172)

Exterior Line:  AMG Line

Exterior Colour:  Brilliant blue Metallic

Interior:  Leather black

Engine:  1.6-Liter R4 Cylinder producing 156 hp and 250 Nm

Acceleration 0-100 km/h:  8.1 sec

Topspeed:  223 Km/h

Empty weight:  1.460 Kg

Thanks to my lovely & sweet companion and friend Rewa | @rewa_rchtr  for accompanying me. Have a look at

Highlights of the car:

1. the stunning exterior color: brilliant blue metallic

2. sporty exhaust sounds while shifting

3. impressive performance in curves

4. dynamic handling/direct steering response


What I didn’t like so much:

Not a good ride comfort for long travels. In addition to that, i am not satisfied with the fuel consumption.



All in all the new SLC Roadster is a fabulous car for curvy country roads! I really learned to like this little Roadster! It’s a lot of fun to drive it! And I have to say in real life the car looks much better than on pictures! Thanks, Mercedes-Benz, it was a great experience! I enjoyed it very much!

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Article & Photos by Christian Kremer  | @mr.chris_kremer for Mercedes-Benz #mbsocialcar

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Thank you Mercedes-Benz/Patrick Walter Event Design for this great opportunity!