Chris exploring the Mystic Place around #eltzcastle

A long time ago  in the middle of Germany in Rheinland-Pfalz, there was a scary place with a big castle called ‘Eltz Castle’. After 850 years of fascinating history on a normal day in january 2016 a person called Chris decided to explore this special place around ‘Eltz Castle’ in the middle of Germany in Rheinland-Pfalz near the city ‘Koblenz’. He started the expedition with his bro Marius and the latest C-Class estate (series S205) from #mercedesbenz as their travel companion. It was quite a cold and foggy day in winter without any snow. Early in the morning the two traveler started the expedition…

” …what a foggy roadtrip it was, but the #mercedesbenz C-Class estate did a good job! “

…after a relaxing drive through the foggy landscape of ‘Hunsrück’ without any complications the two guys arrived at the lonely place near Eltz Castle in the middle of nowhere…they parked their traveling companion, also known as the nice allrounder C-Class estate, which brought them safely to this place. From now on they had to go for a walk, completely alone without anyone else…it was cold and foggy…

” …have a look, that’s where we came out. For me this is mystic wildlife! Just impressive! “

…finally there it was/is – the ‘Eltz Castle’ in Rheinland-Pfalz near the City ‘Koblenz’.

Finally the two guys Chris and Marius made it to ‘Eltz Castle’ in the german wildlife…mystic and scary mood…

” Who is living there? We couldn’t find it out cause it was closed 😀 … “

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Anyway now it’s time to enjoy the photo material Chris have brought for you.

In the end the sun came out, so the scary and mystic place near the castle became a magical place with the beautiful sunbeams shining through the forest.

” A magical forest…with the beautiful sunbeams, it was a special ending of this impressive trip “


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Article by Christian Kremer    | tumblr: CK_Performance | twitter: der__chris

Photos by Christian Kremer   | instagram: mr.chris_kremer

My travel companion: Marius Kremer | instagram: bobby_jones_